Okay, yes, Alexicon is slightly cliched… but yes, my name is Alex. I am a writer and literature student, and I tend to have opinions on books. I’m not the sort of person who can read a book and not have an opinion on it. It’s the same with films, restaurants, TV Shows, shops floor plans… Okay, I also enjoy a good tangent. But I will try and keep my reviews to 300 words give or take.

Anyway, I really feel like instead of just having an opinion on something, I should write these opinions down, they might come in useful one day, after all.

So that’s what I am doing! Welcome to my book blog. I’m not the fastest of readers mind, so I can’t promise regular updates, but what I can promise is variety. I will try a bit of anything as long as I feel it’s worth reading. Onto the first post!


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